Social benefits

Competence enhancement will be reached among stakeholders, scientists and engineers to promote the development of enhanced framework for beyond-the-state-of-the-art practising in applied industry. Completely new generation of innovative engineers will be grown up through practical education during the project implementation within the Triple Helix conceptual frames.

The project can positively influence public health and access to environmental services in the region, the improvement of recreation and tourism, also appears indirect positive impact to employment situation.

Replicability and transferability

The project will contribute to the European objectives by proposing the use of a more sustainable dredging technology to combat the problem of eutrophication and over sedimentation in Europe, including the Baltic Sea. Because similar zones in coastal areas exist in tens of thousands of areas worldwide, the proposed technology is directly transferable to other regions. This implies that the development and demonstration of the proposed technology will enable a wide use in many water environments.

During the project contact will be taken with stakeholders in Sweden and other parts of Europe. For example: dredging companies, and potential end users of cleaned sediments farmers, the forest and construction industry.


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Short facts

The overall objective of the project is to show how to sustainably restore the ecological status and hydro morpholo...


Technology behind the dredging system

Project activities

Project activities 2016-2020

Demonstration area

Demonstration area - Malmfjärden


City of Kalmar, TechMarket Sweden AB and Linnaeus University

Publicerad: 9 juni 2017