City of Kalmar


Project management. Kalmar is a Baltic costal city in the South East of Sweden. Kalmar’s attraction on both tourists and inhabitants are in many aspects dependent on the quality of the quality of the water in the Baltic Sea. Costal water management and blue growth are therefore important political priorities

TechMarket Sweden AB


Technical experts. Have previously developed innovative systems for other applications related to water treatment and mitigating eutrophication. Tech Market has also performed research to find new innovative processes to recover sediments from metals and organic pollutants.

Linnaeus University


Development of methods for metal extraction from sediments and evaluation of ecological status. The Environmental Science and Engineering Group at the Faculty of Health and Life Science has worked with landfill mining science 1994. Their focus area is different methods of metal extraction from sediments. A special interest Is mining of metals from contaminated sediments.


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Short facts

The overall objective of the project is to show how to sustainably restore the ecological status and hydro morpholo...


Technology behind the dredging system

Project activities

Project activities 2016-2020


Social benefits, replicability and transferability

Demonstration area

Demonstration area - Malmfjärden

Publicerad: 9 juni 2017