Short facts

The overall objective of the project is to show how to sustainably restore the ecological status and hydro morphology in a eutrophic sea bay without causing damage.

40 000 m3 of sediments will be removed from the Bay of Malmfjärden in Kalmar City by the year 2020.  Life SURE will test methods for cost effective utilization of removed sediments. A vision of the project is zero waste.

Harbor zones are contaminated – it affects environmental quality by:

  • stimulating eutrophication and overgrowing of bays
  • increased mobility of contaminants
  • migration of toxic pollutants through the food chains
  • disturbs tourism and recreation.

The existing technologies for removal and treatment of sediments are expensive and technically complicated. The dredged material is a waste problem. The Life SURE project will demonstrate a cost-effective and ecologically sustainable process for retrieving and recycling sediments into a resource.


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Technology behind the dredging system

Project activities

Project activities 2016-2020


Social benefits, replicability and transferability

Demonstration area

Demonstration area - Malmfjärden


City of Kalmar, TechMarket Sweden AB and Linnaeus University

Publicerad: 9 juni 2017